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CallRunner for load testing and automated IVR testing

As part of CtiPath's Contact Center Solutions, CallRunner provides two valuable telephony services. The service is designed for companies who put a high priority on customer satisfaction. CallRunner can provide the following services: CallRunner Load-Test CallRunner Uptime [...]

2022-01-13T16:14:41-05:00January 13, 2022|Contact Center, Customer Experience, Enterprise Services|

Can Managed Services Make A Real Difference?

Every Managed Services Provider claims to help their customers. But, how can you tell which ones to trust? Start by looking at real results from real customers. Here are the results from just one of CtiPath's Managed Services customers: [...]

The Four Contact Center Practices: Customer Experience, Workforce Experience, Business Relevance, and IT Operations

Within a contact center, there are four domains; we call them “practices.” Those four practices are Customer Experience, Workforce Experience, Business Relevance, and IT Operations. […]

2017-02-27T15:15:07-05:00September 21, 2015|Contact Center, Managed Services|

Principles to a Successful Contact Center Practice

During our tenure in the IP telephony and software industries, we have been exposed to many operational models and methodologies for both implementing IPT/Call Center projects and designing related software. We noticed that while some worked very well, others only [...]

2017-02-27T15:14:37-05:00March 30, 2015|Business Management, Contact Center, Quality Control|
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