Deploying Courtesy Callback the Correct Way

No Contact Center customer likes long hold times. In order to shorten the time that the caller stays on hold in the queue, Cisco has developed a new CVP feature called Courtesy Callback (sometimes referred to as Virtual Hold). With Courtesy Callback, the caller can choose to receive a call [...]

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CtiPath is Partnering with Calabrio to offer additional Workforce Management options to our Customers

60% – 70%… That is the striking majority of call center costs going to labor and staffing. It is easy to see why today’s leading companies recognize the importance of improving Workforce Management as a means to reduce this burden. CtiPath understands that this process doesn’t have to come at the expense of customer satisfaction. [...]

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Managed Services and the Contact Center Customer Experience

There are four practices of the modern contact center: Customer Experience, Workforce Experience, Business Intelligence, and IT Operations. Every contact center is concerned with Customer Experience – or, at least, every contact center SAYS that it is concerned with customer experience. But real concern for customer experience goes beyond self-service menus and call surveys. [...]

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People, Processes, and Technology: The Strength of CtiPath’s Services

Almost twenty years ago in his book Building the New Enterprise, Harris Kern proposed that the difference between IT success and failure lies in three areas: people, processes, and technology. For each sector of the IT market and for each type of service provided, the requirements on people, processes, and technology must change. The requirements [...]

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Principles to a Successful Contact Center Practice

During our tenure in the IP telephony and software industries, we have been exposed to many operational models and methodologies for both implementing IPT/Call Center projects and designing related software. We noticed that while some worked very well, others only worked to a certain degree, and most didn’t work very well at all. In all [...]

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