There are four practices of the modern contact center: Customer Experience, Workforce Experience, Business Intelligence, and IT Operations.

Every contact center is concerned with Customer Experience – or, at least, every contact center SAYS that it is concerned with customer experience. But real concern for customer experience goes beyond self-service menus and call surveys.


The Modern Contact Center and Customer Experience

The modern contact center is a complex amalgam of human and machinery interaction. From the human side, there are call flow designers, IT technicians, agents and supervisors, business decision makers, and more who influence the customer experience, not to mention the customer herself. From the machine side, there are servers, networks, applications, scripts, media files, headsets, and more which can affect customer experience.


The Right Kind of Managed Services and Customer Experience

The perfectly-designed call flow may seem intuitive to the contact center, but it may also be a confusing mess to the customer. The servers and applications and networks and webservices may work perfectly in testing, but even the slightest glitch can cause a poor customer experience at the wrong time.

The right kind of managed services can predict, analyze, troubleshoot, and correct these kinds of issues (and more) that can cause poor customer experience.


CtiPath and the Contact Center Customer Experience

At CtiPath, we have designed services and products that work from the ground up to monitor customer experience for Cisco UCCE and UCCX contact centers.

Our CallRunner product working with our Managed Services can “hear” exactly what your customer hears and respond exactly how your customer responds. It can find problems in your call flow scripts, media files, backend webservices, applications, networks, and more even before your customers have started complaining.

Our VitalsPoints can track calls from beginning to end in order to find loops, bottlenecks, confusion, and more which can results in poor customer experience.

Our trained, experienced Application Consultants are able to review your call flows and recommend changes that will provide both better technical efficiency as well as a better customer experience.

CtiPath offers many other services and products that allow us to help our clients improve their Customer Experience.

The right kind of Managed Services is not only concerned with the operational stability of your contact center platform; the right kind of Managed Services is also concerned with Customer Experience, and proactively seeks to improve Customer Experience.