CtiPath partners with Executive Office Suites at Lafayette Village!

CtiPath is happy to partner with Executive Office Suites at Lafayette Village to offer IT and telephony courses for their tenants. These courses will be focused on how IT and telephony services can help small businesses. These courses will be taught at Executive Office Suites at Lafayette Village in their training room. The courses will be free for EOS tenants, but others are welcome to attend. Tickets are required. (Click here for ticket info.)

First Course on Cloud Computing

The first course is titled “How Small Businesses Benefit from Cloud Computing.” The course will be on Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. at Executive Office Suites at Lafayette Village.

The course is not a sales pitch. While participants will see several cloud services during the presentation, those will be for demonstration purposes only.

Course Outline

The course will answer the following questions:

  • What is cloud computing?
  • What are key concepts related to cloud computing?
  • What are different types of cloud computing?
  • What are examples of cloud services?
  • How can cloud computing benefit my business?
  • What questions should I ask when considering cloud computing services?

More Information?

If you wold like more information about this course, check out EOS’ Facebook page, or the Eventbrite page.