In their article “10 Top Takeaways from the 2021 State of Business Communications Report“, 8×8 analyzes some of the data discovered while putting together their 2021 State of Communications Business Report.

Here are some of the interesting findings for small businesses that deploy an integrated cloud communications platform:

  • 85% have experienced increased customer satisfaction
  • 84% have experienced increased employee productivity
  • 80% have experienced increased sales

There are other important factors, such as increased resilience, agility, and flexibility.

Your Small Business Can Realize These Improvements Also!

But this technology – integrated cloud communications platform – is available for any size business, from the solo business owner to businesses with dozens or hundreds of staff to enterprise-sized organizations with thousands of employees.

It’s easy to assume that only large business can afford or utilize cloud-based communications, but that’s simply not true. At least, it’s not true for CtiPath and 8×8…

CtiPath’s Partnership with 8×8

CtiPath decided to partner with 8×8 because of their integrated communications platform, and the benefits it offers to businesses of any size:

  • Scalable – able to grow with any size business
  • Integrated – voice, video, text, and chat are built into one platform
  • Flexible – Use phones, mobile phones, desktops, or laptops to use the platform
  • Inexpensive – Accounts are often less expensive than land-line business pones or mobile phones

Read about how CtiPath helped a small business transition to an integrated cloud communication platform here: “Review – CtiPath made the transfer seamless”

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Once again A BIG THANK YOU! CtiPath really came through for us.

Thanks to CtiPath for their focus on our issue! This functionality is major step forward in us realizing our new workflow models.

CtiPath made sure we were comfortable with the program and configured the system to our unique needs. CtiPath made the transfer seamless for both us and our customers.