In his TED Talk from several years ago, Shawn Achor talks about “The happy secret to better work”. He discusses the “Cult of the Average”, where outliers are thrown out so that the data “fits”. This leads us to normal results. But, as Achor says, “Normal is merely average”.

But, instead, he says that we don’t need to move everyone to the average; we need to move the entire average up. “It’s not necessarily reality that shapes us, but the lens through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality. If we can change your lens, we can change every business outcome.”

How does this apply to IT support?

But, how does this “cult of average” apply to IT support? Believe it or not, small businesses (and really, any size business) have been conditioned to accept average (mediocre) IT support.

  • Long wait times for responses
  • Expensive services
  • Faceless, nameless representatives who don’t know your business

And the list goes on and on…

CtiPath’s Goal is Exceptional IT Support

But, CtiPath wants to move the “average” up. We’ve designed our IT services to be “outliers”, above the average line.

Do we succeed in meeting that goal? Obviously, no business or person is perfect. But this article describes how we helped one small business recently.

Our personal, relational IT support services are highlighted in our Contact Center Managed Services.

Read below what other customers have said.

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CtiPath consistently performs above expectations. Their personalized service sets them apart from other vendors. I couldn’t imagine operating without CtiPath.

CtiPath has provided innovative solutions to meet our business needs. CtiPath’s staff is courteous and professional when interacting with our personnel.
I am almost certain that without CtiPath’s expertise, our projects would have proved far more difficult to achieve. As a result, CtiPath has been the go-to vendor for us.

CtiPath’s team feels more like an extension of our staff rather than entirely different company. So my comfortability level with CtiPath is very high.


Once again A BIG THANK YOU! CtiPath really came through for us.

Thanks to CtiPath for their focus on our issue! This functionality is major step forward in us realizing our new workflow models.

CtiPath made sure we were comfortable with the program and configured the system to our unique needs. CtiPath made the transfer seamless for both us and our customers.