Your business is your baby

You’ve built it from the ground up with plenty of blood, sweat, tears, and… money. No one cares for your business as much as you do. But lately, as the business has grown, the IT and telephony needs have started taking too much of your time: email, applications, phones, chat… How can you keep up with it if you can’t afford to hire someone full time?

Now is the time

This is the point where it may be beneficial to get help with your small/medium business IT needs. For today’s businesses, IT is a necessity. You need email, phone, social media, chat, etc. to stay in contact with your customers. One missed phone call or one lost email could cost a big a contract.

But isn’t IT help too expensive?

But, hiring enough IT staff to cover all the different skills needed to run your company is out of the question. Even if your business is not ready to hire a full-time IT staff, you still need all the IT skills to keep your business growing.

Plus, continuing to delay your IT needs to could even more! Outdated technology, non-integrated systems, security, new features… it takes time, energy, and money to investigate the implement the changes your need. You should focus your time, energy, and money on running your business!

This is where a managed services provider (MSP) can help.

How can an MSP help?

If you already think of your business as your baby, then think of an MSP as a health care provider for your business. You understand the necessity of finding a quality healthcare provider for your actual child; it’s just as important to find the right MSP for your business. Primarily, you should ensure that the MSP has the same business priorities as you: customer service? family, relational atmosphere? understanding what sets your business apart? Just as all businesses are not same, all MSPs are not the same either.

CtiPath wants to be your partner!

CtiPath’s LightRep Suite of Services is designed from our experience providing quality, relational services for enterprise-sized business, but tailored for the personal, family style operation of most small/medium businesses. We’d love to work with you to design a set of services that fit your business needs and help you Engage Better!

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