Beta Tester Application Form

CtiPath is currently accepting beta tester applications for a new service that works with Etsy and Printify. The service will be part of our LightRep suite of services for small businesses.

This new LightRep Connector service automatically updates the availability of items in your Etsy store when the items go out of stock (and back into stock) at Printify. This helps prevent the sales of items that are not available, which reduces your administration overhead and customer frustration.

If you run an active Etsy store that uses Printify for imprintables, submit the form below to be considered for the beta tester program.

  • CtiPath will never sell your personal information.
  • Information provided here will only be used for the beta tester application.
  • CtiPath will never collect your financial information. (Plus, there is no charge for the beta tester program.)

More information about the new service will be provided to applicants through email.

Beta Tester Application
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Once again A BIG THANK YOU! CtiPath really came through for us.

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