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Are you tired of…

  • Customers buying items that are out of stock?
  • Spending time updating stock availability?
  • Dealing with angry customers who bought out of stock items?


nStock>> updates the availability of items in your Etsy store when the items go out of stock (or back in stock) in Printify.


  • Automatic inventory checks and store updates at regular intervals
  • Convenient portal for inventory and activity details
  • Immediate notifications of any store updates
  • Securely connects to Etsy and Printify


  • Decrease time spent dealing with customers due to orders of unavailable items
  • Increase customer satisfaction from having accurate produce listings
  • Reduce time and frustration from checking availability manually
  • Improve customer retention by providing better service


  • nStock>> connects securely to your Etsy and Printify accounts. (nStock>> does not store your Etsy or Printify account information.)
  • You decide which Etsy items are managed.
  • nStock>> then compares the Etsy availability of your items with Printify inventory availability on a regular interval.
  • If an nStock>> managed item goes out of stock, then it will automatically set it as unavailable in your Etsy store.
  • If an nStock>> managed item comes back in stock, then it’s automatically set as available in your Etsy store.
  • nStock>> notifies you via a portal and/or email when item availability is changed in your Etsy store.

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