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About Services Scorecards

As a provider of high-touch service, our performance should continuously be graded by our customers. Most service providers and many other types of customers do this with a scorecard. Every service provider will have a unique scorecard that covers what they consider to be important in the delivery of service to their customer. The metrics on the scorecard below provide unambiguous feedback and support the maxim that “what gets measured gets improved.”

Averages From Latest Scorecards

Customer Service 97%
Financial Performance 98%
Value For the Money 90%
Intellectual Quality 99%
CtiPath Services Scorecard


Below you will find a section for your company and personal info along with (8) individual metrics. Select the item that best describes the performance of CtiPath for each performance measure. Not all items in a selection must exactly describe CtiPath's performance. Rather, select the one that contains the combination of attributes most reflective of CtiPath's performance. A score of 3 indicates CtiPath met expectations for that metric. Each metric also has a comment field that will allow you to provide additional feedback on successes and possible improvements. Select Not Applicable if the measure does not apply. Select Insufficient Information if you cannot adequately support a score for that metric. Use the comment sections to clarify and provide examples.

Metric -1: Timeliness

Measure how well CtiPath adheres to schedule, and meets due dates

Metric -2: Customer Service

Measure of customer service orientation of CtiPath to our Customer and other agencies involved in the work as demonstrated through courtesy and cooperation, credibility and adequacy of communications, reliability of stated actions, and flexibility

Metric -3: Financial Performance (Fixed and unit price work)

Measure of the commitment of CtiPath to delivering maximum value to our Customers

Metric -4: Financial Performance (Time & Material)

Measure of the value our Customer received for the money paid. Use this section for time & material contracts

Metric -5: Quality -- Technical Proficiency of Staff

Measure of the technical skills, knowledge, and dedication to quality work of the CtiPath's staff

Metric -6: Quality -- Professionalism of Staff

Measure of the appropriateness of the CtiPath's work habits

Metric -7: Quality -- Intellectual

Measure of value of the ideas brought forward by CtiPath, and the usefulness of our thinking

Metric -8: Contract Administration

Measure of how well CtiPath managed the administrative processes associated with providing the service

Over-all Comments & Opportunities for Improvement

Please take a moment and provide additional feedback that may not have worked into the metrics above