People, Processes, and Technology: The Strength of CtiPath’s Services

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People, Processes, and Technology: The Strength of CtiPath’s Services

Almost twenty years ago in his book Building the New Enterprise, Harris Kern proposed that the difference between IT success and failure lies in three areas: people, processes, and technology. For each sector of the IT market and for each type of service provided, the requirements on people, processes, and technology must change. The requirements for people, processes, and technology for a web development firm will be significantly different from the requirements for a managed service provider in the contact center market.


Which People, Processes, and Technology?

Because of these differences, the development of people, processes, and technology must be modified as well. The objective of the organization and the requirements of their customers must be taken into account when considering the types of people, processes, and technology which will be needed to build a successful company and to provide a successful set of services for the customers.


What does this mean for Ctipath?

At CtiPath, we began with one, specific objective: provide the best managed and professional services to Cisco’s UCCE and UCCX contact center customers. It is a very narrow goal; one that allow us to focus on the right people, processes, and technology to meet the needs of our customers.

The decisions that we made in the past and the decisions that we continue to make are formed around that one objective. We do not waste time, energy, or other resources on other aspects of IT or business operations. We can focus our entire organization on increasing the stability, reliability, and effectiveness of our customer’s contact center.


What does this mean for our customers?

Thus, when we think about our people, we consider how to choose and train the best people to provide services to UCCE and UCCX contact centers. Our processes begin with the goal of servicing only our contact center customers. Our technology was built from the ground up to work effectively and efficiently within the complex architecture of UCCE and UCCX.

In future articles, I will discuss how CtiPath builds our people, processes, and technology in order to meet our company’s goals and our contact center customers’ expectations.

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