CtiPath is Partnering with Calabrio to offer additional Workforce Management options to our Customers

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CtiPath is Partnering with Calabrio to offer additional Workforce Management options to our Customers

60% – 70%… That is the striking majority of call center costs going to labor and staffing. It is easy to see why today’s leading companies recognize the importance of improving Workforce Management as a means to reduce this burden.

CtiPath understands that this process doesn’t have to come at the expense of customer satisfaction. Utilizing UCCE/UCCX contact center, we focus on workforce optimization, reliable customer experience, and honing business relevance, all while reducing IT operation stresses. We have found this creates a positive feedback loop that generates proven Call Center results quarter on quarter, year on year.

With Calabrio’s products, we can now offer our Customers an even stronger Call Center experience with substantive integrated improvements in each of our four practice areas.

Calabrio’s journey of innovation started in the mid-1990’s. Innovation fuels more innovation, and a key resource has been listening. Two thirds of all product enhancements are based on input from users. With more than 4,000 clients worldwide, Calabrio solutions are built on an intuitive, web-based architecture that positions and accelerates the contact center as an epicenter for customer insight. A pioneer in its industry for more than two decades, Calabrio has been named a “Visionary” for three consecutive years by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Customer Engagement Center Workforce Optimization (2012-2014).

Calabrio ONE
Calabrio ONE is a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for workforce optimization in today’s contact centers. Intuitive? Of course. Personalized? Obviously. Calabrio ONE is a smart technical solution designed by customer-driven innovation. It means you’re ready for what’s next. And it delivers strategic value not just within the contact center but across your organization.

Call Recording
You want to record 100 percent of your calls, archive them efficiently, and find specific calls quickly and easily. Calabrio has changed call recording forever with a simplified approach to capturing and maintaining calls. As more and more companies recognize the need to record all calls, Calabrio takes the hassle out of this business-critical endeavor.

Quality Management
Customers today have more and more ways to interact with companies. Yet traditionally, most organizations can only access and analyze one percent of all interactions. Calabrio says, make it 100 percent. Log everything. Access anything. If that seems impossible, it’s not. With our quality management solution we help thousands of organizations do it every day, empowering employees at every level with better tools and easier access to relevant information.

Our clients can now use analytics to listen for unique search terms within 100 percent of voice and other customer interactions to reveal patterns and insights into what customers are saying. The technology no longer needs to be complex, daunting and inflexible. Instead, this innovative technology enables a company to be as extensive or real-time as current business needs require as well as be more proactive in their responses to customer insight.

Workforce Management
The right number of agents for the right level of customer service. Is that enough? Let’s talk motivated employees. That’s Calabrio Workforce Management. It offers more accurate forecasting, better performance tracking, stronger adherence and more. Customers feel it. So does the organization. On the bottom line. Where productivity counts the most.

More Options and Benefits for CtiPath’s Customers
Contact Centers are becoming the most important and largest fount of customer knowledge for enterprises. This growing role and the associated costs are a frightening area to fall short in. CtiPath’s customers do not need to worry… with our proven expertise in customizing the Cisco UCCE platform to our clients’ individual needs combined with Calabrio’s integrated products, we can ensure that our customers are prepared to seize this opportunity, utilize big data, and become customer service leaders in their industry.

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